Aleesha Divine channels many Languages Of Light, making it available to all of humanity to assist with their Ascension process at this time.

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Why Use a Language of light as a healing force

  • Because it is essential, because everything is energy, and everything is connected to the light. It touches every level of our being – the body, emotions, mind, and spirit.
  • Approaching healing spiritually is also essential, because the deepest, most profound, and most lasting levels of healing is spiritual healing.
  • Healing alone doesn’t produce the complete results. We also need effective, down-to-earth strategies to produce the best possible results in our daily lives.

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About Me…

I was born in mild winters of 1967 in India in a hard-working and honest family. Although I don’t remember most of childhood days, there was one activity that kept me going thru adult years. Star gazing was beguilement which stimulated my dreams and thoughts. Someone out there staring right back at me and listening all I had to say was comforting. Never did I imagine that my fascination will lead me to UFO tours in Sedona (details later). Entry into adulthood brought successful professional and personal developments. I am thankful to life for 2 beautiful children, both higher dimensional souls serving path of light.

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