Seven Chakra Meditation

It is time now for a mass awakening and reboot of humanity’s mind sets.Are you ready to be part of this shift ? These are the transmissions from ROOT chakra to CROWN chakra which people will choose when their subconscious mind and soul is ready for this level of energy. These transmissions are very powerful. More than you can comprehend.

It works deep , into very deep layers of your being for clearing , cleansing , healing, purifying, aligning, for complete transformation, balancing, activating and awakening chakras. These transmission are for those who want to start their spiritual journey and don’t know from “Where to start” these are also for ( beginners) , for those who already have started their journey but want a massive shift, and also for those who are on ascension journey .

We are energy beings living in a physical human body. Through energy feeder lines we take in universal life force energy to change our physical body. You may have heard this universal life force energy spoken as QI:,

QI Gives us , vitality, energy,it is a state of continuous flux transforming endlessly from one aspect of Q into another. It is neither created nor destroyed.

Energy is subtle and vital, not visible to the gross eyes. Subtle energy centers has various chakras in our body..These transmissions are for major seven chakras,beginning from root chakra, hara chakra, solar plexus chakra, heart chakra, throat chakra, third eye chakra, and crown chakra. Chakras are energy channels of our body, and when we open them , energy starts to flow freely inside our body. Each chakra depicts a certain function and has specific color, when these chakras open it develops a connection with the universe, with your inner self and with the cosmos.

After you complete these tracks you will feel exactly like the same person, but you will be in higher octave. You will be carrying more light in your cells.This is a process of ” Rebirth”

When you are confined into human body your soul is compressed through many long ages into smaller version of what you really are, so your true self is hidden from you. Begin now to understand who you truly are. You are not your physical body , you are more than this.

Once you start listening these transmissions you can pass the points of no return because you will be in a higher octave. What you are receiving is not a toy. Only you need sense of responsibility, self discipline and mastery to keep shedding your negative ego.These tracks are much divine food.It is essential to use it with divine intelligence, so do not make your self sick from overeating. It is not a race.

Begin with Root Chakra one time daily, Second day – Hara chakra

Third day – Solar plexus

Fourth Day – Heart Chakra

Fifth Day – Throat Chakra

Sixth Day – Third Eye Chakra

Seventh Day – Crown Chakra

Repeat this process over a period of six to nine months all can be absorbed These tracks have spiritual energy and much more profound than you yet realize.So move forward with joy, confidence, centeredness and divine intelligence , listening to your intution and inner guidance at all times.God is within you.He will answer all your questions. All you have to do is to listen.

The light language used in these transmissions are from very higher realms,these energy words goes beyond the mind.They contain certain information, activation and healing. It’s all frequency sound what moves through you.This intelligence knows where to go and how to operate. It goes beyond the ego and the self.

So shut your eyes, go to your Heart space.May you be light, May you be love, May you be blessed.

Be open to receive, return to the true energy essence of your soul and go beyond healing to create a new energy template, these transmissions will take you beyond healing to a more vital and energized expression .Help you to become more vital ,connected and empowered.

So bathe in these energies,receive nourishment new life force in your body and allow it to continue to flourish your soul , mind and body.

Instructions :

1. Try to take bath daily with Episom salt if you have.

2.Smudge your space

3.Hold some crystals in your hand if you have any.

4.Invoke Masters, your higher self and your team of light.

5.Drink a glass of water with some drops of lemon before listening, and after you finish ( Mandatory) it is very important to stay hydrated throughout day to flush toxins .

Remember- You may feel sense of discomfort, itching, little bit of pain, diarrhoea, but don’t worry all is well. It’s a good sign because your body is responding to the light. Your body is releasing toxicity and Sanchit Karma of Thousands of lifetime. These symptoms are temporary. Surrender and allow the process to happen. Masters will take care of you.

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