Womb Chakra

Remember what you want, wants you “We attract what we are inside not what we want”
ATTRACTING YOUR DIVINE SACRED MATCH NOT YOUR KARMIC PARTNER attracting your Divine Sacred Match You will become the sacred union within yourself (connect with your divine soulmate). Embrace true happiness.

Womb cleanisng, clearing, purification, Healing Womb is not just a womb it is the center of power and creativity. The wisest place within female body. The womb has its own divine energy it is perceived portal to experience oneness between the Divine Masculine and the Divine feminine, We need to clear old energies so that we can have the clean slate, clean womb, not only to attract Sacred Soul Mate, for also giving birth to new age babies. We have held so much generational trauma and emotional energy that need to clear.

The womb is the most sacred part of the baby and when we merge into someone’s else energy sexually. We are absorbing all their energies, all the trauma, all their pain. Every single person you exchange sexual energy will absorb their imprints in your womb. So we are storing data in our subconcious mind. It is very important to consciously clear our womb. We are constantly muddled with others imprints from positivities that are stored in our energetic and emotional bodies. Also need to clear energies when we were in our mothers womb, we absorb her emotions, her experiences, her pain and her trauma. When she was feeling unsupported from your father or from in-laws, she felt unwanted anxious about birthing experience, poverty consciousness. Clear resistance, clear issues of unworthiness what you can expect:

Will help to attract right partner and your Sacred Divine Soul Mate. Will dissolve painful link to past relationships whether of this lifetime or from past lifes. Disconnect from abusive partnership, Releasing anxiety, Releasing grief and loss, Releasing anger, Removing negative spirit attachments, Clearing subconsciousness patterns, suppressed emotions and physics debris is from your field. Releasing trauma, Unresolved wounding clearing ‘Yoni’ or Yaginia . Healing separation consciousness, creating a space for you so that you are souls’s Original Divine Soul blueprint be restored.

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