Dispersing Twin Syndrome

At times, During Pregnancy with twins, triplets or quadruplets; one or more of the child’s in the womb dies resulting from miscarriage. This in turn becomes the huge traumatic experience for the other twin child which is still alive. As these twins share umbilical word which is the connection between them and their mother. Also, it involves placenta which is the organ which provides oxygen and required nutrients to them. This in turn creates a very strong bond which in turn gets painful if one of the twin dies. The information that they share while in the Mother’s womb effects not only the physical body but also the organs, cellular information and In fact the DNA core and Genetic level. When One of the twin is at the stage of dying, the other sibling feels the pain and tries to protect the dying sibling by creating protective membrane and providing the essential nutrients. It feels like as a part of him is seperating. And he does all the possible efforts to save the dying twin. But if the miscarriage happens and Just one of them survives, then the entire information of the other twin remains with him and this in turn leads to the furthur issues like:

1. The surviving twin doesn’t live his individual life rather it is mingled with the information of the other twin.

2. The surviving twin lives his entire life with not just his personality traits but also of the dying twin.

3. At times, because of the death of one of the twin, the information of death and fear related to it stays in the deep cellular and dna levels of the surviving twin, also in the every single organ and the entire system of the body, which in turns becomes the cause of Chronic diseases, Such as Acute depression, Cancer, alzheimer and many other.

4. The surviving twin stays confused about their sexuality because they have shared information with their twin. And If in case it is of the opposite sex, then they are prone to this.

5. In such cases, They usually give their twin’s place to their partners, which in turn creates problems in relationships.

6. Your energy divides into two or more. Because these twin souls are not from just lifetime but these could be of many that we are not even aware of. This could even be in double digits. So just imagine how our energy is being depleted in such a huge number.It is very important to release this in order to live your life being solely You and to not to store some other soul’s information in your system.

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