Channeled Messages

When a person has completed a sufficient amount of spiritual work on himself/herself and achieves expended state of consciousness that person starts to channel. You have to raise your frequency and vibrations so that Ascended Masters and beings from higher realms can channel through you. Spiritual channeling is a process by which you can access greater understanding helping you find answers “Who I am”, “From Where I Came”, “Where I Will Go”, “What is my Soul Purpose”, “Why I am here” and so on. Apart from it, It helps you to learn about yourself and others, which helps you to discover the greater meaning of the situation one is in.

To channel you have to raise your frequency and vibrations so that light beings from higher realms can channel their messages through you. A Powerful Channeler can call many guides, Ascended Masters from spiritual plans to advance your development, expand your awareness, and awaken your true self.

Through channeling one bring forth Divine energies, you can access these high realms by connecting with the high-level guides or your higher self who steps down and make it more readily available to you.

You have to be in a receptive state and in the state you become the vessel for bringing higher energies which you can use for creating good.

Every single soul can channel one need to do a certain amount to work on physical, emotional, mental, and on spiritual body. Also on limiting believes Karmic imprints, traumas, fears, pain, grudges, old patterns. Due to past lives trauma, certain mechanism is set on your energy field that needs to be healed. To connect with Higher Consciousness; your Guides and Masters, We need to sit in silence and most importantly you need to ask and you have to be in space of peace and love. One needs to connect within regularly to the truth and disengage from illusions and choose not to be pulled into various narratives. Stay centered in your truth with a biding love.

However, for channeling it is not necessary to succumb to a trance-like state. One can remain aware in a meditative state while by Higher Consciousness; Guides and Ascended Masters speak through a channeller with the divine energies which brings spiritual awakening assisting one to grow.

I am A VIBRATIONAL SOUND HEALER AND CHANNELLER OF SACRED LIGHT CODES. These Light Codes are transmitted through me by Higher Consciousness; Ascended Masters, my guides and from my Higher Self. These sound toning and light codes by Higher Consciousness; that I speak spark human DNA into “NEW LIFE”. These secret codes and toning clears karmic imprints, blocked and stagnant energies, heals past lives, clears old patterns, beliefs, traumatic experiences, pain, unconscious distortions, thoughts and belief projection of others that are acting as energy blanket, realign energy circuits, balance body, mind and soul, open soul memory, heal deep wounds, bring Soul fragments back which is helpful for Soul retrieval, DNA upgradation, activate chakras bring the expansion of soul, change in consciousness and for your spiritual unfolding.

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