Healing & Activations

I am A VIBRATIONAL SOUND HEALER AND CHANNELLER OF SACRED LIGHT CODES. These Light Codes are transmitted through me by Higher Consciousness; Ascended Masters, my guides and from my Higher Self. These sound toning and light codes by Higher Consciousness; that I speak spark human DNA into “NEW LIFE”. These secret codes and toning clears karmic imprints, blocked and stagnant energies, heals past lives, clears old patterns, beliefs, traumatic experiences, pain, unconscious distortions, thoughts and belief projection of others that are acting as energy blanket, realign energy circuits, balance body, mind and soul, open soul memory, heal deep wounds, bring Soul fragments back which is helpful for Soul retrieval, DNA upgradation, activate chakras bring the expansion of soul, change in consciousness and for your spiritual unfolding.

Anyone can be a victim of psychic attacks, If you are attacked, you may experience sudden energy drain, moodiness, depression, anxiety, panic attacks, suicidal thoughts.

Implants are non human _ origin is extraterrestrials Earthbound spirits you can easily pickup in hospitals, cemeteries, antique shops, haunted places and monuments. Curses are a form of negative energy consciously sent one feel depleted and literally exhausted.

1. 35 Minutes of Spiritual Healing Session

The recording will be sent after the session.

Charges: $50 or ₹3500


2. Aleesha Divine provides healing sessions for

  • Clearing spirit attachments
  • Dark entities
  • Spirit possessions
  • Parasitic dark entities
  • Implants
  • J seals
  • Closing Dark Portals
  • Psychic Attacks
  • Curses
  • Spells
  • Black magic.

250$ for one session

650$ for three sessions


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