The J Seal Remover

The Jeh Seals or Jehovian Seal were energetically placed by Annunaki on the Earth at Axitonal line 7 to create distortions and Anything that happens to Earth, Happens to us because our Energetic Anatomy is directly connected to the Earth. Every Human on Earth has these seals. So we need to remove these seals from our energy system.

These Seals are the cause of suffering, and chronic diseases and also block the activation of 4th strand DNA. Also, It keeps us attached to 3D Matrix energies and blocks Higher Dimensional Frequencies coming into the body and greatly inhibits the expansion of our Consciousness

There J SEALS are located as follows

J1: Top of the skull on the left side
J2: Heart, Left Lung, Back of Left knee
J3: Pineal Gland
J4: Left Side of Neck and lymphatics
J5: Rear Left Thigh and Buttocks
J6: Alta Major (where skull rests at the top of spine hypothalamus and left shoulder)
J7: Aorta Artery on the left side of Neck

These Seven Seals will be removed. All you have to do is to listen to these transmissions. start with Session 1. Listen to it for 11 days continuously. Drink 1 glass of water before attending these tracks and 2 glasses of water after listening to these tracks. Then start the second track and so on.

However, there are many other seals also. Zeta seal, The Crown of seal, Mayan Seal are a few names. We will also clear all these seals. But first, we will clear J Seals.

Removing  J Seals is an essential thing. But before it, You should be a regular meditator

Price: $30 (3 Tracks)

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