Aleesha speaks multiple light languages channeled from different stars and dimensions. This is one of the most powerful and advanced healing modality brought on new earth to lightworkers. The primary purpose is to Assist Humanity in awakening dormant capabilities as we embark on the rapid evolution of ascension. It’s powerful and unique in its sense and bypasses all the mental constructs and speaks directly to the heart.

The channeled light Language speaks directly to your cells and DNA; healing, releasing, and upgrading your energy in all aspects. It will awaken your being with your consciousness and Higher Self. Although difficult to interpret, Aleesha brings forth channeling that will break away your mental barriers by opening barriers you didn’t even know exists.

All Reiki healing courses provided by Aleesha are channeled through higher dimensions and have a deeply layered transmission of light codes, healing, and sacred information.

While receiving Light Language transmissions, you will experience activations & releasing in specific areas or Chakras in the body as well as ego, emotional, mental, and spiritual healing. If you’re open to it, it can bring you in a state of inner alignment with Source and even activate your own spiritual gifts.

Feel free to check out some of our Light Language Transmissions to release fear and deep soul healing among many, where we gracefully and gratefully received some beautiful public comments on our YouTube Channel

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