Forgiveness is the most powerful and important force in the universe. It is said in Bhagvat Gita that if you want to find a courageous person then find someone who have the capabilities to forgive others because forgiveness is a trait or you can say firmly, a weak person does not possess the capability of forgiving others. People seldom think that forgiveness is only for those who are worthy of it, its not for everyone. But this is not right. Forgiveness is for everyone. We dont choose whom to forgive and whom Not to forgive. Its not a question. Real question is , “ is your heart ready to forgive or not. ”

It is true that people who are close to you hurt you the most. It is really hard for you to forgive people who are close to you than people who are not. Your neighbor, your not so close friends, your acquaintances, won’t hurt you that much the way your close ones can. Sometimes we only think how much a person has hurt you, but we often forget that he/she has done so many good things as well. Then we start to doubt every good deed of that person. In just one second we forget every good thing of that person. Even in that person good deed we think something is fishy. Merely saying that you have forgiven that person but not actually forgiving the person is easy. Or by saying how much that person has hurt or done something really bad to you and your ego is not letting you to forgive that person, because you think you are a big victim. Or by merely saying that you have forgiven a person but from inside you still possess the same anger when you think about that person. Then you are back to square one. It should come from within.

Forgiveness is not to surrender your power, it is a decision that you are finally ready to take your power back, Because by forgiveness we eliminate the negativity that results from Hurt and not letting go of emotional baggage. It is very important to understand we do not forgive other person, we forgive ourselves. Forgiveness allow us to move without anger, resentment, hurt, pain and hate. So choice is yours, Be bitter or be better. So let us learn to let go and regain our personal power. Many people say they try to forgive but couldn’t do so. Forgiveness is not for others. By forgiving we will be at peace with ourselves.


Here are 21 keys of Forgiveness. It’s a detailed Forgiveness course. It will work on every layer of your body. You will not merely connect by words but rather with spirit, heart of yourself with deeper divine wisdom and understanding that why I am doing this and what is the need of doing this and what will happen after forgiveness. It will open all the infinite doors of abundance, divine grace, divine wisdom, divine knowledge. 21_ Days Forgiveness journey

Listen only 1 track in 1 day. Start from Day 1

  1. Day1. Releasing energies of lack of forgiveness (Deactivating DNA of Lack of Forgiveness)
  2. Day 2. Dissolving pain body forgiveness from Self
  3. Forgiveness from our parents
  4. Forgiveness from our spouse
  5. Forgiveness from our ancestors
  6. Forgiveness from our siblings
  7. Forgiveness from our children
  8. Forgiveness from our relatives
  9. Forgiveness from our Five elements
  10. Forgiveness from all souls when we participated in wars and kill many people ruthlessly. When we encourage bloodshed. Violating law of one light law
  11. Forgiveness when we did blak magic on other or misuse our spiritual gifts
  12. Forgiveness when we were very rigid and stubborn in the religion we belong and kept a feeling of disrespect and hate in other religion
  13. Forgiveness when we spread false rumors about any divine beings and trying to stop them in spreading love and light
  14. Forgiveness when we participated in child trafficking in any of the past lives
  15. Forgiveness when we disrespect and misuse money in any past lives
  16. Forgiveness from plants, animals and crystals
  17. Forgiveness from in laws
  18. Forgiveness from our helpers, subordinates, colleagues. Manipulate them, disrespect them, not pay them well
  19. Forgiveness from ancestors
  20. Forgiveness when we steal money from religious places or by any mean in all past lives
  21. Praying for collective consciousness, so that they can forgive and break 3d matrix and also recognize their light their divinity.

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